May 13, 2021

Episode 22: Yoga as a Vehicle for Healing w/ Elika Aird & Anne-Laure Peaucelle

Show Notes

On this episode of Students of Mind, Jayde talks with Elika Aird and Anne-Laure Peaucelle about what yoga really is and how it can help with mental wellness. Elika shares her yoga journey after injuring her back, how she works with the energy centers in the body (chakras), her dulaship and how yoga helps parents, what it’s like being a Black yoga instructor and how the yoga community is beginning to challenge the largely white, thin, and able-bodied overrepresentation in yoga.

Anne-Laure talks about the relationship between yoga and mental health, yoga therapy, trauma-informed yoga, her own yoga journey and dealing with mental health, and how she supports her clients.

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