July 8, 2021

Episode 25: Social Media Mind: Instagram’s Toll on Mental Health and Managing life as a Mom and Influencer w/ Dr. Danielle Wagstaff & Kodye Elyse

Show Notes

To kick off the start of the Social Media Mind series here on the Students of Mind Podcast, we dive right into the mental health implications of being an influencer and consumer of social media.

On this first episode, Dr. Danielle Wagstaff joins Jayde to discuss social media mental health from a clinical and research standpoint. Dr. Danielle Wagstaff is a Psychology Lecturer at Federation University, researching appearance, online behavior, and women's psychology. She shares with us how social media can exasperate detrimental competition between women and affect overall mental health. Further, Dr. Wagstaff explains how some influencers may struggle with their mental health due to negative comments online and how social media platforms could better support their influencers.

To give a look into a first hand experience as an influencer who has struggled with mental health after gaining success online, Kodye Elyse walks us through her lightning fast growth on social media and how that impacted her life. Kodye is a mother, digital content creator, and brow artist who also shares some uplifting content with her audience. She talks about how she had to learn to protect her mental health and create boundaries for the work that she does including self-care practices and curating her feed.

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