August 7, 2021

Ep. 27: Navigating Body Image and Mental Health as a Black Woman in Predominantly White Spaces w/ Dr. Joy Cox, Jordyn Jones, & Wanjiko Kahara

Show Notes

Representation matters, but it’s important to acknowledge the harmful beauty standards in one’s own community.

On this episode of Students of Mind, Jayde invites researcher, social justice advocate, and instructor, Dr. Joy Cox, as well as two of Jayde’s former classmates who attended PWI institutions. Dr. Joy Cox provides an honest review of the research that is being done about body image and mental health surrounding Black women and how existing in a predominantly white space as a Black woman can alter self-image and negatively impact mental health. She also debunks the notion that the Black community is more body-positive and explains that there are also oppressive beauty standards in the Black community that women are subjected to–some of which are also rooted in eurocentric beauty standards.

Jayde is then joined by her former classmates, Wanjiko and Jordan, to reminisce on what it was like to go to a PWI school. They share their individual experiences which highlighted their own unique journeys as well as the overlapping hardships they faced–from trying to fit into White beauty standards and eating disorders to discovering community and finding their way.

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