July 23, 2021

Episode 26: Exploring Orthorexia and the Reality of Eating Disorder Recovery w/ Sara Bernache and Lexie Smith

Show Notes

What happens when ‘diet culture’ gets disguised as ‘wellness’? On this episode of Students of Mind, we learn about orthorexia, a disordered eating pattern that is not yet included in the DSM, and how it affects those who struggle with this condition.

First, Jayde sits down with anti-diet nutritionist and intuitive eating coach Sarah Berneche about her views on Orthorexia, why it is not yet included in the DSM, how she supports clients who may struggle with this eating disorder, the way the wellness community on social media perpetuate Orthorexia, and how some patients in recovery for anorexia shift into Orthorexia. She also talks about what intuitive eating is and what it means to be a nutritionist that does not offer weight loss services.

Eating disorder survivor, speaker, and activist Lexie Smith then joins Jayde to discuss her personal journey going through eating disorder recovery and how full recovery is achievable. She shares the reality of recovery, what she wishes people knew about eating disorders, and words of encouragement for anyone struggling with an eating disorder now.

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