September 20, 2021

Episode 30: The Journey from Athlete to Suicide Survivor and Mentor for Those Experiencing After Sports Depression w/ Darryll Stinson

Show Notes

On thiOn this episode of Students of Mind, Jayde sits down with Darryll Stinson. September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness month, and this week's episode is a look into what it was like for Darryll as he struggled with suicidal thoughts and attempts after an athletic career ending injury. Darryl shares with us his journey through his injury and resulting mental health implications, and how he got to where he is today, a mentor and leader for athletes who are look for direction after their careers.s episode of Students of Mind Jayde is joined by Haesue Jo and Melanie Santos to talk about the ins and outs of depression. Jayde and Haesue talk about the many ways depression can present itself. In the second part, Jayde Talks with Melanie about her experience with depression, what her healing journey looked like, and where she is today.

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