At Students of Mind we are on a mission to provide mental health education and resources presented in a way that eliminates the barriers to accessing this type of information in order to normalize having open dialogues about mental health and the psyche.

Meet the Creator & Host

Jayde Barber

Jayde Barber is the creator and host of the Students of Mind Podcast a Psychology student major in the Los Angeles Area. Since she was in grade school, Jayde has been diagnosed and living with several mental illnesses including anxiety, depression, and anorexia. Although she is not a licensed mental health professional, Jayde’s experience as a patient and family member and friend of individuals with mental illness has driven her to share her experiences and insights. 

She has the unique perspective of someone living with mental illnesses and from experience going through the different levels of the mental health care system while also getting schooling in the field of psychology and, through the podcast, having conversations with doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, and other mental health and healing professionals, Jayde is constantly receiving and applying knowledge. Jayde’s goal is to act as a bridge between the sometimes intimidating mental health professionals and the people who live with mental health struggles day to day, and to uplift the voices of and encourage those with mental illnesses to feel comfortable in sharing their own stories.

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Jayde Barber

The Podcast

The Students of Mind Podcast was developed at the start of the COVID-19 quarantine in March of 2020. Seeing that she had more time at home, Jayde looked for a way that she could begin to do some mental health education and advocacy work. After being introduced to the idea of creating a podcast by her psychology professor, Jayde began planning and recording with the help of three classmates (shout out to Sarah, Aliyah, and Ottavia!). Since its launch in June 2020, the show has gained over 7,000 downloads in 100 countries. Jayde covers various mental health related topics through interviews with mental health experts and healers, and in the second season began to include interviews with survivors–people like herself who live everyday with mental illness. When an individual has lived experience with mental illness or managing mental wellbeing, Jayde believes that they are also experts whose voices and stories need to be shared and amplified. Students of Mind aims to normalize talking openly about mental health, remove the many barriers that exist to receiving mental health education and resources, reduce the stigma and taboo’s that exist around mental health and mental illness, and express that everyone has mental health that needs to be tended to just as our physical health needs to be tended to.


Meet the Team

John Tyler

John Tyler

Podcast Soundtrack

John Tyler also known as Johnny Llama is a 20-year old, musician, producer, and visionary R & B/jazz artist. Born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Baltimore, MD, John uses his experiences to blend a variety of sounds into his compositions. John began playing guitar at nine years old, inspired by playing Guitar Hero video games with friends. This led to him beginning his musical training at School of Rock Baltimore and having opportunities to play with band mates at different venues in Baltimore, including Rams Head and Ottobar. Throughout middle school, John was fueled to overcome bullying with music and encouraged by his mentor to create his own album.